Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Essential Tools for the CSP Sales Process

Our second VPG session was devoted to a discussion of the sales enablement tools included with the Sales Process Blueprint. The Sales Process Blueprint is the third blueprint in a four-part lifecycle of Cloud Service Provider Blueprints provided by the CSP program and it guides the CSP through managing an efficient, scalable and repeatable solutions sales process.

During our session, we talked about the ideal structure for the solutions sales process breaking down the key objectives for a solutions sales rep to accomplish before holding the first appointment, then what to focus on during the first and/or second appointment and finally how to close the deal during the second and/or third appointment.

Prior to the First Appointment:
  • Preliminary qualification (use a standard lead qualification process) 
  • Pain level, solution fit, business value, decision process & timeframe 
  • Sales Tools:   Sales Guide, Quick Reference, Lead Qualification Scorecard 
During the First or Second Appointment
  • Establish your value proposition and build trust 
  • Fill in the gaps from the preliminary qualification process
  • Begin the discovery process & needs analysis tied to business benefits
  • Identify decision makers and understand the approval process 
  • Sales Tools:  Sales Presentation, Lead Qualif. Scorecard, Quick Reference 
During the Second or Third Appointment
  • Present your quotation, the cloud solutions their business benefits 
  • Prepare/deliver ROI analysis if appropriate 
  • Schedule a proof of concept if necessary and only with success criteria 
  • Identify all open issues, finalize pricing & contract terms, close the deal 
  • Sales Tools:  Quotation Builder, ROI Calculator 

After this overview of the sales process, we had a discussion with some VPG members about the importance of qualifying prospects, gearing your discovery questions to ferret out customer needs based on your cloud solutions (e.g., understanding the risk of accidental data loss assuming that you can address this concern with a cloud backup service) and defining the business value your solutions will deliver (e.g., save money, make money, reduce risk, improve productivity, etc.).

We concluded the session with a brief introduction to the sales tools contained in the Sales Process Blueprint including a standard cloud solutions sales presentation, a quick reference guide, a lead qualification scorecard, a quotation builder and an ROI calculator. The group was encourage to review the tools and ask us for help if you have any questions on how and when to use them or suggestions for how to improve them.

Here are some discussion topics taken up by the group:

1. Do you have a standard lead qualification process?
2. What do you think are the most important discovery questions to ask?
3. Where does your sales process encounter the most resistance?
4. What are the most valuable sales tools that you have or would like to see?
5. Do conduct formal sales training for your reps and sales agents?

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