Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are You Really Ready to be a Successful MSP?

That’s not a rhetorical question. A business readiness assessment is a critical process when formulating a growth plan or business transformation strategy. If you are a VAR considering a transition to the MSP business model, you need to be very clinical when evaluating your strengths and weaknesses before charging down the road to recurring revenue. And if you are an MSP planning to invest in resources to scale your business, a readiness assessment is equally important to ensure that you invest wisely.
What are the most critical questions a VAR or an MSP should ask themselves?  The answers to these questions should tell you how well you are prepared in terms of the critical success factors for building a successful MSP business.

Here are some of the questions we feel are important...

* Do you have a success plan and does is have measureable metrics?  What are they?
* How differentiated, compelling and targeted is your customer value proposition? 
* Is your pricing strategy an asset or a liability? Does it position your true business value?
* How effective are your lead gen programs? Do they consistently feed your sales pipeline?
* Do you have a well-defined, manageable, predictable and repeatable sales process?
* Do you have a scalable sales operation based on a formula for staffing and ramping sales?
* Is sales properly enabled with effective sales tools and professional marketing materials?
This is a two part process:  first you have to ask the right questions and then you have to answer them honestly and accurately. We think this is such an important topic that we developed a Business Assessment Tool designed specifically for MSPs.  It is a detailed questionnaire that takes an MSP executive through 8 critical success factors for building a successful managed services business. If you would like to evaluate the readiness of your MSP business, click here to request a free copy of the MSPexcellence Business Assessment Tool.

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